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Aglaia Konrad: Elasticity Konrad, Aglaia

Aglaia Konrad: Elasticity Konrad, Aglaia


Sprawling motorway networks, endless tunnels that wind deep into the earth, gigantic dams and monumental power stations, bridges and industrial complexes as far as the eye can see. In short, this is a secondary nature, consisting of a built environment of the kind generated by 'hot societies' with the advent al industrialization and, nowadays, within the globally extended assimilation of space.

The artist Aglaia Konrad presents these vast, architectonically demarcated areas as a kind of endless ornament expanding in all directions. Ultimately, what Aglaia Konrad is exploring is obviously not so much the specific orders of architecture or th look' of architecture as some of the generative principles of human production and expansion in an age of global capital, expressed in built form.

Daniel Kurjakovic

Éditeur NAI Publishers

Date d'édition 2002

Reliure Couverture souple

Etat du livre  Très bon

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