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Batman: Dark Victory 1 semic books Jeph Loeb Tim Sale

Batman: Dark Victory 1 semic books Jeph Loeb Tim Sale



2012 The Roman's death decapitated Gotham's organized crime. Unfortunately, this Pyrrhic victory left law enforcement hurt and bruised. Jim Gordon, now commissioner, does not forget the disappearance of the prosecutor Harvey Dent, his friend, who, disfigured, has become the monstrous Pile-ou-Face. But life resumes and the police, led by Gordon, work in a tacit agreement with Batman, the mysterious vigilante who has begun cleaning up the streets of Gotham. The wounds heal... Until the day when Janice Porter, recently appointed to the post of prosecutor, decides to reopen the file of the Roman. The Holiday murders, although classified, are the subject of a new investigation. In doing so, she stirs up the troubled waters of Gotham's past, awakening ghosts who were just begging to stay asleep. The Roman family, Italian mafia, the specter of Pile-ou-Face and the shadow of Batman revolve around Commissioner Gordon in the midst of family drama...

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